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The Washington Conservation Corps is a service and training program for young adults dedicated to protecting and enhancing the natural resources of Washington State.

 Vegetation planting, maintenance, fencing projects, habitat restoration efforts and riparian improvements occur each year within the North Yakima Conservation District area. The Washington Conservation Corps under contract with the North Yakima Conservation District performs much of the on the ground work.

The Crew:

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Josh Perry

I am a native of Western Washington, specifically Bonney Lake. I attended Central Washington University where I studied accounting and exercise science. After college I stumbled upon the Washington Conservation Corps where I fulfilled my 2 year Americorps commitment, the last year as an Assistant Supervisor then acting supervisor when my supervisor left. The WCC and I parted ways for a brief moment but then an opportunity came up which allowed me to return as a Supervisor for the North Yakima Conservation District. I have since fallen in love with Eastern Washington as well as the natural resource field and have no desire to leave anytime soon. In my free time I enjoy cooking, hiking and playing board games. My time is also occupied by my very affectionate dog Olaf, who I suspect might die if he doesn’t have a hand on him at any given moment.



William Ligon-Bruno

Hello, my name is William Ligon-Bruno. I am a current assistant of the Yakima Washington Conservation Corp. I grew up in Coeur d’Alene ID and attended 2 years at Boise State University. Within those 2 years I studied abroad in Grimstad Norway studying alternative energy. I then transferred to Central Washington University where I graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Technology degree in June of 2015. I have since been working with the WCC and am looking to go back to school for applied physics, aerospace, and/or energy technology. I have a great interest in working to advance our society towards energy independence. I know it’s feasible; we need to take on big oil to do it and that can be a daunting task, but one I’m up for. I also have a great interest in space and space exploration leaving some room to explore many different avenues. Self-awareness is key in my life and connects all these interests.



Dustin Hopfinger

My name is Dustin Hopfinger and I was born and raised in Yakima WA.  Attended Eisenhower high school and graduated 2010.  I planned to pursue a career in the health sciences  but am deciding whether  technical school would be a better fit.  My free time is occupied by outdoor sports, favorites are snowboarding, fishing, golfing and a good hike.



Samuel Theodore Sanchez

Hello. My name is Samuel Theodore Sanchez. I am 19 years old, born and raised in Denver Auora Colorado. Ive lived there for almost 9 years and moved to Yakima, Washington. Washington in my opinion has great opportunities for youth by programs and careers. My hobbies are to spend time with my family or friends, sing and love to snowboard. I love my job WCC already and I personally feel like this can be my type of career I want to do in life. Its outdoor work I enjoy participating on because you have the chance to work with nature. So I plan to use the Education award for a trade school for a career on forestry.



Lisa Stingley

Hello my name is Lisa Stingley I am 25 years old female born and raised in Yakima, WA. I have a twin brother Monty Stingley who served two years for Washington Conservation Corps (WCC). I went to West Valley High School and attended Central Washington University. At the university I studied Geology. It is my hope after WCC that I will attend Central and finish my Bachelor in Geology. I have about 50 more credits. In my spare time I like to ride my bike, hike, and read.



Kody Bixler

Hello, my name is Kody Bixler. I grew up in Selah, Washington and currently live here still. It is an awesome place to live because it is so close to the mountains and that is where I spend most of my free time. I graduated from Selah high school, I did two years with YV-Tech in the law enforcement program and graduated, I then went to YVCC for two years. I took a break from school and started working with the WCC and will return to school pursuing a career in paramedicine. I am an avid outdoorsman; hunting is my passion although I enjoy fishing as well. I love being outdoors as often as I can which is part of why I like working for the WCC.


For more information about the WCC including opportunities to participate, please visit: http://www.ecy.wa.gov/wcc/index.html

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