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The Washington Conservation Corps is a service and training program for young adults dedicated to protecting and enhancing the natural resources of Washington State.

 Vegetation planting, maintenance, fencing projects, habitat restoration efforts and riparian improvements occur each year within the North Yakima Conservation District area. The Washington Conservation Corps under contract with the North Yakima Conservation District performs much of the on the ground work.

The Crew:


Stephen Richardson is the name and conservation efforts is the…job. Been in working Yakima since April 2016, it’s quite the change from the west side of the state where I lived most of my life. Grew up in a town called Sekiu 19 miles east of Cape Flattery, the most northwestern part of the contiguous United States. A local joke describes Sekiu as a “quaint little drinking town with a fishing problem”. However the scenery and lush forests of the Olympic Peninsula are well worth the long distance travels and eccentric locals. I attended Central Washington University where I graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree in biology with a focus on ecological and conservation studies. Steve Irwin was my hero and set me on a path to saving the world. Shortly after graduating I was able to start that career path as I joined the WCC as a corps-member my first year, assistant supervisor my second year (both terms served on the Port Hadlock crew) and finally a crew supervisor. I look forward to many years working as a supervisor and if I’m lucky crewmembers will retain some useful knowledge/skills to help better their future.

Finally as the phrase goes in the WCC (may or may not actually be a thing), we do it for the salmon!



Hi, my name’s Devin Widrick. I was born in Ohio but raised in the warmth of the Florida sun. I got my Bachelor’s Degree in biology with a focus on the coastal ecosystems at the University of North Florida. My favorite hobby was surfing before coming out to Yakima, Washington for the WCC. I love to explore and have been to Peru, Cambodia, and Vietnam. My favorite part of the WCC is my crew and the feeling of pride that comes from making a positive difference for the environment. When I’m not on the job, I try to fill my time with hanging with my crewmates, pyrography, working out, and trying my hand at wholesome cooking. With the WCC, I look forward to developing more outdoor skills and getting more on-the-job training. I am also very excited about the prospect of helping locations impacted by the last hurricane season and maybe even helping out during the summer fire season. After the WCC, I plan to keep exploring the world and all of its wonders.



Hey, I’m Izaiah or Izzy for short. I was born and raised here in Yakima, Washington enjoying all it has to offer like, traveling to its nearby cities to do fun stuff. I do love my home town, spending a good amount of time with friends, outside exploring, spending time with my horse, hiking nearby trails and, of course, playing video games. I love being around my crewmates who make the weather that much more bearable, during and after work hours. I look forward to future job experiences and the spring and summer training sessions. I hope all this will help me figure out the age old question, what do I want to do with my life? Right now, I’m just out for experience and the WCC is turning out to be an amazing one. Until the next adventure, I’ll continue enjoying my time here, exploring my options and bettering myself.



Hi, I’m Nathan.  I was born in Bremerton, but have lived in Yakima for the majority of my life.  I love to listen to and make music, play videogames, explore, and dig holes.  Over the last year I moved from city to city in Mississippi and Louisiana before settling in Lafayette for a few months living with my sister, and recently moved back to Yakima and started working for WCC.  Throughout the year, I’m really excited to both see all of the new places around the state that we will work at, and work hard to get stronger before really figuring out what I really want to do with my life.  After WCC, I’m not entirely sure what I want to do going forward, whether it be music, business, graphic design, or neuroscience, but I know that it will be better because of my time here with WCC.



My name is Gavin Cummings. I was born in Ellensburg, but have lived in Yakima most of my life. I love being outdoors and my hobbies include hiking, backpacking, painting and making rock sculptures. I got my Associate’s Degree from Yakima Valley College and am working towards my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. I have signed on to the Washington Conservation Corps in order to get hands-on work experience in environmental restoration and conservation. I am excited for this service year because of the different work scenarios I hope to gain experience in. I look forward to this program helping me further my dreams of working in environmental restoration and conservation.



Hi my name is Erik, I grew up in Hawaii, but I moved to Yakima a year and a half ago. I love being near the water, snorkeling, fishing and anything to do with the ocean, so I don’t know why I moved here, but it’s ok. I studied at Olympic College, I plan on studying marine biology once I get my grant from working here for Washington Conservation Corps. I’m excited for this year here in WCC, I have learned so much already and met a lot of great people. I’m looking forward for all of the new skills I will learn over this year and furthering myself as a person.

For more information about the WCC including opportunities to participate, please visit: http://www.ecy.wa.gov/wcc/index.html

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