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The Washington Conservation Corps is a service and training program for young adults dedicated to protecting and enhancing the natural resources of Washington State.

 Vegetation planting, maintenance, fencing projects, habitat restoration efforts and riparian improvements occur each year within the North Yakima Conservation District area. The Washington Conservation Corps under contract with the North Yakima Conservation District performs much of the on the ground work.

The Crew:


I’m Stephen Richardson, I’ve been in the WCC going on 5 years, one as a crew member, one as an assistant supervisor, and a supervisor since April 2016. I grew up on the Wet (West) side of the state in a little fishing town called Sekiu. You haven’t heard of it. Started in the WCC based out of Jefferson county, moved over to Yakima as a supervisor and have been having a good time with NYCD ever since. There has been changes in how the work is implemented but the variety and type of work has been just as fulfilling. There’s been challenges but it’s been all good from planting in rocks, fencing in summer, and disaster relief in Puerto Rico, all in all its a good life.


I’m Izaiah, I’ve been working with Washington Conservation Corps for a little over a year. I’ve lived my whole life here in Yakima, enjoying the things it has to offer like the music in the park. I love working outside, enjoying those warm sunny days and pushing through the cold and wet ones. I’m only 19, whether I’m going to continue my education or help my community, I’m excited to find out what my future has in store for me.


Hello I am Fabian Cantu and am in my first year of WCC. We have done habitat restoration and I have  learned a lot of new things such as how to properly plant trees and shrubs as well as how to identify native plants. I really enjoy this program and it is a great way to gain experience in habitat restoration. I will be using the educational award to continue schooling once the year is done.


My name is Justin Day and I am 24 years old. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Environmental Science from the University of Phoenix in March of 2018. I started with the WCC in October of 2018. I hope to use this experience to further my environmental career or go back to school to specialize in solar technology and hopefully work for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in CO.



Hey, I’m Erik and this is my second year of working with Washington Conservation Corp. I was a crew member during my first year. Over the course of that year, I learned to work with a team. Working collaboratively can be complicated but, I think it is an important skill. This year I was promoted to Assistant Supervisor. I am excited to take on this new role and I am learning how to organize and motivate a team.

In the future, I plan on going back to school to get my Bachelor’s degree in pre-engineering. While I am in school, I hope to volunteer at my local fire station. After I earn my degree, I will make the decision to pursue further education or seek full time employment with a fire department.



Hello my name is Clairissa De La Vergne, or Clair for short. I was born and raised in the Leavenworth, WA area which I love so much.  I went to school at Central Washington University and graduated with Bachelor’s of Science degrees in geology and biology. I love the environmental and ecological sides of both of these majors and how they work with each other. My favorite hobbies include hiking, swimming, and any activity in the snow or at the ocean. I love the Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) because it is giving me the hands on training and experience for a permanent position in the future. With WCC I plan on furthering my knowledge and experience when deployed on a disaster, using large woody debris to stabilize stream banks, and being able to identify and knowing where to plant each plant along the stream. After WCC I plan on getting a permanent position using geomorphology and or natural resources in whatever I might do.

For more information about the WCC including opportunities to participate, please visit: http://www.ecy.wa.gov/wcc/index.html

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