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Construction at Powerhouse Rd. Bridge

The North Yakima Conservation District through the Yakima Tributary Access and Habitat Program is working with the Naches Cowiche Canal Association to modify the Association’s irrigation siphon that crosses Cowiche Creek. As the creek has downcut through the years, it has exposed the siphon and made it vulnerable to damage caused by debris carried by the creek. The siphon also creates a barrier to juvenile salmon, steelhead, and native trout that search for refuge when creek levels are low and water temperatures are hotter in late summer.

The project will replace the existing cement siphon with a large polyethylene pipe buried below the streambed. The City of Yakima water line, approximately 20 feet upstream of the siphon, will also be replaced and relocated below the streambed. The streambed will then be modified through the project area to create a more natural slope which will allow for improved fish passage.

This project is funded by the Naches Cowiche Canal Association, City of Yakima, Bonneville Power Administration, Salmon Recovery Funding Board, Bureau of Land Management, and Mid Columbia  Fisheries Enhancement Group.

If you would like more information on the project, please contact Justin Bader at 509-454-5736.


Our Mission

The mission of the North Yakima Conservation District is to make available technical, financial and educational resources to meet the conservation needs of the citizens who occupy and use the natural resources within our District.

Our Vision

The vision of the North Yakima Conservation District is to foster, tutor and realize a community that is rich in natural resource stewardship, enhancement and protection, both in ethic and in practice.

We Serve

We serve: landowners; land users; land occupiers; the local community; stakeholders; natural resource users; governmental entities; interest groups; and all the people within NYCD.


We exist to promote and maintain best use(s) of natural resources; to achieve good stewardship of natural resources; to enhance, sustain and protect natural resources; to educate those we serve; and because NYCD willingly implements RCW 89.08.

Board Meetings

2:00 P.M. on the 3rd Wednesday of each month:
USDA Service Center
1606 Perry St.
Yakima WA. 98902

Boundary Map

North Yakima Conservation District boundary map