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Native Wildflower and Pollinator Plants for Sale Online

Date of Pickup:  May 22, 2021 (Saturday) 8:00 – 1:00

Location:  1522 S. 18th Avenue, Yakima, WA  98902

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The North Yakima Conservation District (northyakimaconservationdistrict.com) is promoting and providing a variety of native wildflowers to the public.  From urban to rural landscapes, these plants will offer many benefits to your property and natural resources no matter the location.

Conserving Water:  Because native plants are adapted to local environmental conditions, they require far less water, saving time, money, and perhaps the most valuable natural resource, water.  Many of the plants are drought resistant or drought tolerant.

Beauty:  Many native plants offer beautiful showy flowers, brilliant colors from the pale, thin greens of early spring, to vibrant yellows, violets, blues and reds throughout the growing season.

Wildlife:  In addition to providing vital habitat for birds, many other species of wildlife benefits as well. Native plants provide nectar for POLLINATORS including hummingbirds, native bees, butterflies, moths, and bats.

Most of these plants will require some supplemental irrigation in the dry Inland Northwest. The amount of water that you will need to apply will also depend on your climate, soil type, and sun exposure. It is affected by cultural practices, including how you water your plants, whether or not you use mulch, and where windbreaks such as fences, walls, and other vegetation, are located. All plants require regular watering until their roots are established

Whatever type of native garden you choose, mix in various heights, forms, colors, and textures. Choose wildflowers that bloom at different intervals as well as those with attractive foliage to ensure year-round interest.


Walk in Customers:  Plants that were not purchased and paid for online will be made available for walk in customers.  Again, supplies may be limited.

Refund and Return Policy – All Sales are Final

Contingencies:  We reserve the right to prorate or cancel any order, in whole or in part, due to strikes, labor shortages, fire, frost, flood, drought, disease, casualty, errors in count, spoilage, or other circumstances beyond our control.

Notice:  The North Yakima Conservation District Board of Supervisors have announced the 2021 Supervisor Election and Appointments.

NYCD is pleased to announce an opportunity to contribute to conservation and your community by serving on the Board of Supervisors.  Supervisors are public officials who direct the activities of the conservation district as authorized under RCW 89.08.  For more information please click here or contact the NYCD.

Notice:  The North Yakima Conservation District Board of Supervisors  Regular Board meeting on April 21st, has been CANCELLED.

The general public is invited to use the following information to call in to the meeting.

Call in number 1-888-844-9904 then enter code 4379349.

Notice: 2019 Newsletter available for viewing



Our Mission

The mission of the North Yakima Conservation District is to make available technical, financial and educational resources to meet the conservation needs of the citizens who occupy and use the natural resources within our District.

Our Vision

The vision of the North Yakima Conservation District is to foster, tutor and realize a community that is rich in natural resource stewardship, enhancement and protection, both in ethic and in practice.

We Serve

We serve: landowners; land users; land occupiers; the local community; stakeholders; natural resource users; governmental entities; interest groups; and all the people within NYCD.


We exist to promote and maintain best use(s) of natural resources; to achieve good stewardship of natural resources; to enhance, sustain and protect natural resources; to educate those we serve; and because NYCD willingly implements RCW 89.08.

Board Meetings

2:00 P.M. on the 3rd Wednesday of each month:
USDA Service Center
1606 Perry St.
Yakima WA. 98902

Boundary Map

North Yakima Conservation District boundary map