Implementation Grant Program


The implementation grant program provides technical assistance and leverage incentive funding for establishment, enhancement and the protection of riparian areas and surface water quality. The environmental benefits of this program will be a strategic ten year reduction of stream temperature, fecal coli form levels, and related water quality impairments as listed in the Washington Department of Ecology’s 303 (d) list, identified in the TMDL processes (temp – Naches Basin, fecal coli form – Ahtanum, Wide Hollow, and Cowiche Creeks), and supported by the District’s Water Quality Monitoring Program. The ultimate and intermediate outcomes will be achieved through planning and implementation of NRCS approved Best Management Practices (BMPs).



Before and after bank stabilization efforts on Wenas Creek




For more information please contact:

Brian Schmidt
Conservation Specialist
North Yakima Conservation District
509-454-5743 ext. 8557

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